Kim Jong IL’s Missiles: Bush Can’t Lead…Hu Jintao Won’t Lead…Putin Is Playing With His Oil And The Japanese Are Imitating Elvis.

Paul Bograd

Posted on July 7, 2006

So the North Koreans test launched missiles to the predictable chorus of hand wringing and outcry from Japan and the U.S.; The equally predictable condemnations from non-player nations like the Philippines, Thailand and New Zealand who don’t want to be left out of this weeks international games and name calling; and the especially predictable response from China and Russia of “You’re a naughty boy Kim Jong Il, and we are going to have to long talk about this young man!” (Excuse my cynical paraphrase)

But I think that the real story here is not North Koreans testing missiles. Nor is the real story about the vile Kim Jong Il’s spoiled, childlike need for attention. There is nothing new in this act. Everyone knows what kind of threat the North Koreans can really mount. The threat is real and dangerous, but thirty year old missile technology that doesn’t seem to work very well is nothing new. Actually the fact that they were restrained enough not to lob a missile over Japan as they previously accomplished shows a kind of maturity to their lunacy. (I say this in jest) But I will leave the military analysis to those more expert than myself.

I believe that these events are much more significant in what they say about a restructuring new world economic and political order. The U.S. can’t lead on this one; The Chinese don’t know how to lead and the Russians are playing with their oil and pretending that most Russians outside of Moscow are not still trying to make soup out of stones. And the Japanese??? The Japanese are at Graceland imitating Elvis and hoping that Kim Jong Il and his missiles are not planning to launch a “Hunk of Burning Love” in their direction!

So what’s next…. China’s the Big Loser!!!

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