“The Southern Lebanon Candidates…”

Paul Bograd

Posted on August 2, 2006

I was trying to think of something that could explain the absurd, absolute diplomatic, economic and geo-political incompetence of the recent events in Southern Lebanon by Israel, the United States its European allies… and the level of incompetence is so complete that the only plausible explanation was some time warped, multiple personality version of the “Manchurian Candidate” plot had been played out by Hezbollah in a multiple brainwashing of Ehud Olmert, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair and one George W. Bush (But you kinda knew that about George W. already.).

In the interest of journalistic integrity and full disclosure, let me clearly state my position about Hezbollah and Israel. Hezbollah was and is a terrorist organization (Albeit with an extensive social service and health care network.). Its intransigence in accepting Israel’s right to live in legitimacy, peace and security demands that they be disarmed, dismantled and discredited. The recent events in southern Lebanon perpetrated by Israel, and supported by the United States will neither disarm, nor dismantle nor discredit Hezbollah.

In fact, the likely result will leave Hezbollah with more or less 4,000 rockets and missiles and highly increased credibility and support in Lebanon, The Middle East, among both Sunni and Shiite Muslims and for the first time among the western public.

The only other way that Hezbollah could have achieved this “winning” result would have been to recognize Israel’s right to exist in peace and security; renounce armed and violent action and reject extreme fundamentalist religious beliefs.

Since Hezbollah is genuinely a terrorist organization and incapable of such civilized behavior and it could never achieve this winning result on its own, it must have relied on the “Manchurian Candidate” technique to achieve its goals (Please note my tongue firmly in cheek.).

So what does all this have to do with Asia; the enlightened AsianPundit reader might ask?

The answer is that beside the fact that the real “Manchurian Candidate” originated in Asia, several Asian nations have either offered or been suggested to be part of an international military force to sit between these two uncivilized sides.

Some Asian nations like Malaysia and Indonesia may feel that they have cultural obligations and others like the Philippines may feel… well I really don’t understand what the Philippines had in mind by offering troops.

I humbly suggest that before any Asian nation sends its forces into this horror show that they consult the family of Du Zhaoyu, the Chinese U.N. observer killed in Lebanon last week. They might have words of caution before sending more Asian men and women into this uncivilized confrontation led by the four incompetent, brainwashed, “Southern Lebanon Candidates.”

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