Asian consumers trust blogs

Michael Alan Hamlin

Posted on December 7, 2006

Universal McCann survey of 10,000 respondents find most trust blogs

According to a recent report in Digital Media, a survey of 10,000 Asia-Pacific consumers found that 75 percent of respondents “trust and even act upon what they read about a brand on an independent blog, even if they don’t know the blogger.” But respondents also have a strong sense of blog ethics, with 85 percent expecting bloggers to act responsibly.

Interestingly, Australians feel the least responsible about their blogging, while 94 percent of respondents from China and the Philippines expressed responsibility. A similar percentage of all respondents view blogging as freedom to express themselves, while two out of three bloggers are suspicious of sponsored blogs.

Other interesting findings:

  1. 67 percent of respondents visit blogs of people they personally know at least several times a week. Almost 30 percent do so daily.
  2. 53 percent write and update their blogs several times a week, and over 20 percent do so daily.
  3. 49 percent of respondents visit the blogs of people they don’t know several times a week. Close to 25 percent do so daily.
  4. 44 percent comment on other people’s blogs several times a week, while about 15 percent do so daily.
  5. 39 percent of respondents read about brands in blogs several times a week, with over 12 percent doing so daily.
  6. And, 32 percent write brand reviews several times a week. 10 percent do so daily.

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