To the establishment: “Be really afraid”

Paul Bograd

Posted on December 20, 2006

Blog credibility is one indicater of alienation of the mass population

My colleague Mike Hamlin recently posted a column on the credibility of blogs. Powerful stuff Mike. And it is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

I suggest that any product, service, corporation or individual that understands that they are in fact a public “brand” ought to pay very close attention to the conclusions of the research Mike refers to:

“a survey of 10,000 Asia-Pacific consumers found that 75 percent of respondents ‘trust and even act upon what they read about a brand on an independent blog, even if they don’t know the blogger.’ But respondents also have a strong sense of blog ethics, with 85 percent expecting bloggers to act responsibly.”

There are very important lessons for Asia’s politicians, businesspeople, religious leaders and others of the “establishment” in the trust levels indicated in the survey.

What does it say about how alienated consumers are when anonymous “virtual” personalities have higher trust levels than real flesh and blood political, social, business and spiritual leaders?

What does it say when a “digital” institution has more credibility than the governments, churches, mosques, schools and shopping malls that we physically engage every day?

And what does it say when a medium that operates largely outside of the statutory, regulatory and self-regulating processes of government and business has more credibility than regulatory-filing, bureaucracy-obeying and trade association belonging establishment institutions?

It says that the establishment better pay attention to its own credibility because its stakeholders are desperate to replace it with a new establishment paradigm…

Like the dinosaurs, the establishment ought to manage change or end up as exhibits in a museum or entertaining but extinct subjects of fantasy movies.

And as for the brands mentioned in the survey… they should be truly terrified.

This is the most dangerous time in history for a brand name since the development of electronic communications.

But more about this subject in my next post.

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