Scandal does Kristen a big, big favor

Michael Alan Hamlin

Posted on March 17, 2008

200,000 music downloads, a potential recording contract, and a book deal may transform the high-priced call girl into a wealthy celebrity

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka Elliot Spitzer’s favorite call girl Kristen, may have thought she had hit the big-time when she “hooked” up with the former New York governor. And she was right. But not the way she thought.

According to a CCN report, early returns are already rolling in. Two songs Dupre posted on Aime Street have been downloaded 200,000 times at 98 cents a listen (She gets 70% of the revenue.). There is serious talk of a record contract — although a tier-one label may be out of reach — and a book deal that could dramatically swell the aspiring singer’s bank account.

One again, we see how notoriety can generate positive High Visibility. The tradeoff may be enduring some humiliation, but given the potential for substantial financial returns, my guess is that Dupre would do it all again if she had it to do over. That’s no doubt true for Heather Mills as well, who in a matter of days is expected to be $25-$50 million richer when she becomes the former Mrs. Paul McCartney.

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