Two meetings address branding, strategic direction for IT-BPO

Michael Alan Hamlin

Posted on May 19, 2011

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) recently announced two meetings that will address core strategic issues for the industry. The first meeting is the second in a series of quarterly briefings, or CEO Forums, conducted by BPA/P and Outsource2Philippines (O2P). Each briefing addresses a specific issue of immediate importance to the industry that significantly impacts investment and job creation.

Entitled, “Brand Visibility: Marketing the IT-BPO and GIC Industry,” the CEO Forum will take place July 21. It will feature the presentation of the results of a quarterly survey of industry leaders, and the perspectives of a top analyst, respected brand and marketing authorities, C-level industry executives, government officials, and media editors and reporters. (GIC refers to Global In-House Center.)

Everest Group Managing Partner (India) Gaurav Gupta will speak on marketing the industry both globally to investors and locally to prospective knowledge workers. A respected brand authority has been invited to speak on “What Should be Said, To Who, and Who Should Pay for It?” An industry panel will discuss their views of the industry’s brand and a strategic plan to strengthen it.

And a panel composed of government officials and media personalities will take up the roles of government and media in disseminating the industry and country brands. Brand visibility supports investment in the industry and builds esteem among potential employees.

The annual International Outsourcing Summit will take place October 11-12. According to BPAP Executive Director for Information & Research  Gillian Joyce G. Virata, this early almost 50 out of 60 invited speakers and panelists have confirmed their participation.

(Disclosure: BPA/P is a client of my firm, TeamAsia. O2P is a TeamAsia subsidiary.)

“This year’s Summit will feature presentations and panel discussions among an extraordinary group of top executives and analysts from industry-leading organizations,” Raymond Lacdao, BPAP executive director for industry affairs, told me. “The theme of the Summit—Global Market Leaders Addressing Global Issues—will focus on innovation and value creation. The industry is moving up the value chain rapidly, and clients expect services providers to be their partners in enhancing value for their customers.

“We will hear first-hand from industry clients what they expect. And top executives of the industry will describe how they are responding,” Lacdao said. A featured session is entitled, “What clients want?” and focuses on new services clients expect from the industry.

Moderated by Rainerio Borja, a BPA/P trustee and president of Aegis PeopleSupport, panelists include Paul Robinson, VP for Finance at Shell Shared Services Asia; Sujit Unni, CTO at Travelex Group; and, Jackie O’Leary, VP for customer operations at Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile). The Summit also takes up pressing HR supply issues, and how countries are working to ensure adequate labor supply.

IOS 2011 will kick off with a discussion of the future of key IT-BPO and GIC centers among country association executives. Moderated by Alfredo Ayala, BPA/P chairman, panelists will include Harsh Manglik, chairman of NASSCOM; Armand Angeli, co-founder and president of the European Outsourcing Association; Valentin Makarov, Russoft president; and Sergio Pessoa, director of the Brazil Association of Software & Services.

The Summit will also provide the opportunity to examine growth of the Philippines’ IT-BPO and GIC industry, and its prospects, according to Virata. “The IT-BPO Road Map 2011-2016 identified key opportunities and risks for the Philippines to take advantage of the growth in the IT-BPO industry. Likewise, existing and emerging locators are on the road to successfully replicating the Philippines’ success, making competition in the industry fiercer, not only in terms of costs, but more importantly, in terms of labor provision and talent management, technology and service innovation, and specialization.

“This year’s Summit reviews the Road Map and its implications on the Philippines’ position as the new leader in voice—and how it affects the even faster-growing non-voice segment for all locators,” Virata explained. “With more than 20 verticals and 500,000 knowledge workers, the Philippines is the place to meet top influential executives from both the industry and the industries it services,” Lacdao said.

Ms. Virata will moderate that session. Confirmed panelists include Mr. Gupta once again—his firm developed the Road Map with Outsource2Philippines; Paul Mitchell, managing partner for markets and advisory services in Asia Pacific for Ernst & Young; and, Ralph Schonenbach, CEO of the Trestle Group. Other plenary sessions will take up new verticals and prospects for research and development services.

The Summit features plenary sessions, breakouts, an exhibit, gala dinners, business matching, and site tours, according to Lacdao. Additional information on the Summit is available at, including regular updates to the agenda, news, a blog, and social network conversations, according to Virata. Both meetings are months away, but busy executives will want to mark their calendars now.

(Michael Alan Hamlin is the managing director of TeamAsia and a Manila-based author. His latest book is High Visibility: Transforming Your Personal and Professional Brand. Write him at and follow him on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.). Copyright © 2011 Michael Alan Hamlin. All Rights Reserved.)

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